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Hydraulic Forging Press

Hydraulic Forging Press

Product Details:


Product Description

Since inception, our firm has been meeting the latest market demands by offering Hydraulic Forging Press. We have employed a team of highly experienced employees in our firm, which enables us to manufacture this press with superior-grade components. It is widely used in hydraulic forging process, in which a particular metal is stretched beyond its yield point so that desired shape of the material can be obtained. Our Hydraulic Forging Press is demanded in different industries like steel, heavy metal, engineering and construction owing to its below mentioned features:

  • Highly efficient operations
  • Least maintenance
  • Prolonged functional life
  • Easy installation

Salient Features

Fabricated ultrasonically tested steel construction of frame:
Frame is fabricated from prime steel plates of proper thickness for greater strength rigidity. All home is designed an latest software's to resist any deflection & capable enough to withstand high pressure &vibration damping capabilities.

Accurate slide Guiding Arrangement :
Different kind of guiding arrangement are provided to suit the application of the press long guiding length &suitable guide with centralized lubrication systems provided in the presses.

Most Reliable Hydraulic Drive System :
SAHTEC hydraulic system is most reliable & the backbone of hydraulic presses. It involves a compact manifold Block ta avoid piping thus less chance of any leakages in the system so pressure will remain constant throughout the cycle. MI the valves are internationally reputed make, so reliability is more. High quality indigenously made precision hydraulic cylinders with low friction PTFE seals with 60%. Bronze guide top ensure operation & long life of the press.

Mould opening with three steps of speed profile (Slow —fast —slow).

Highly Sophisticated, intelligent control of the press functions by 0/ARON PC with following functions :

  • Mould library
  • Counter for production management
  • Alarm management
  • Inter lockings for safety

Electronic Press Control:
A powerful compact control for digital control over press functions. Simple user-friendly system with keypad on touch screen entry of control functions and setup parameters.

With the base electronics press control you can:

  • Set digital top show, slow, down and bottom stop stroke position.
  • Set design pressure (Tonnage) set points.
  • Counters : Non resettable press stroke counter, resettable stroke counter.
  • Dwell timer, allows adjustable pressure dwells upto 10seconds.
  • Trend display for Tonnage and Reversal Position.
  • Cycle rate displayed in cycles per minute.

Diagnostic capability : ALL PLC I/O points can be monitored on the screen.
Slide Mounted Knockout Cylinders :
Powerful Four (4) 3.25" Bore, 2.0" Rod, 5.0" Stroke cylinders capable of a combined tonnage of 20 tons in the slide of the press. Cylinders will be approximately 12" apart center to center in the front to back direction and approximately 36" apart in the left to right direction. Cylinders will actuate when slide reaches of stroke so as keep the frimmed forging in the lower die when the slide retracts. Cylinders will need to extand at the same speed as the main slide return speed. Cylinders will retract upon reaching the top setting for the slide.

Hydraulic Oil : Flame retardant oil will be used in this press. All seals should be viton where possible.
Note : Press will be subjected to a full wash down approximately weekly. Provisions taken to prevent a high- pressure washer from spraying into any electrical boxes or connections. All wiring will be set up to enter Electrical Enclosures or junction boxes from beneath and all Solenoid connectors to be NEMA 12 with Silicon sealant.

Cooling Plan: Provide an Upper Cooling Plan. Cooling Platen to be 60"x40"x5" thick. Cooling channels will be provided in the platen. Cooling platen will help to reduce the amount of heat buildup in the trim tooling from trimming hot forgings.


Adjustable from 160 to 800 maximum

Bed Bolster

60"L-R x 40" F-B

Slide Bolster

56" L-R x 36" F-B

Open Height (daylight)


Closed Height



Adjustable to 30"

Pass through width


Window Size


Floor to table


Cylinder bore diameter (Main Cylinder Qty 1)


Ram Diameter


Cylinder bore diameter (Jack Cylinder-Qty 1)


Ram diameter



75 GPM

Hydraulic System

Jack Cylinder Controlled Pre-Fill

Ram Speed : Close, Inches per minute


Ram Speed : Press, Inches per minute


Pressing speed at 1751PM is only for upto a 4" long stroke. Anything longer and the press would then be pumping 75GPM for a pressing speed of 331PM

Ram speed : Open, Inches per minute


Maximum System Pressure (PSI)


Motor H.P.


Overall Size

148"L-Rx98" F-Bx315" High




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